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April 2004

• 33 Pages

• Offset Printing

I always wanted to do a fanzine, so this was essentially the trial issue to kind of “test the waters,” as they say. The cover was taken from a stock photography book, how lame. This issue opens up with “The Story of The Channel Street Project,” a do-it-yourself San Pedro skateboard park built by skaters, for skaters, and without permission, a-la the infamous Burnside skatepark in Portland, Oregon. The story is executed by the San Pedro Skatepark Association’s own Andy “El Beardo” Harris. Next, Halbadal tracks down the various members of San Pedro band Toys That Kill, then either forgets the recorder or forgets to turn it on, so he ends up winging it by memory. Typical Hal maneuver. A classic story on the taco truck wars going down in San Pedro titled “Buy Any Beans Necessary” written by taco expert, Vinnie Vegas. The run down on the anti-melody band from L.A. who call themselves 400 Blows, and no, they are not gay. Killer Dreamer is interrogated once again by Vinnie Vegas at the once infamous 673 4th Street pad. A cool story titled “D. Boon In The Present Tense” written by Chris King and swiped from some other rag. A Martin Tamburovich memorial page written by Mike Watt. A reprinted News Pilot story on our late friend Pat Wilder. A centerfold (frontside boneless) of Kobe Newall. A Scott Aicher comic. Misc. stencil art. Vinnie Vegas’ dos & don’ts and a couple of reviews.

May-August 2005

• 49 Pages

• Offset Printing

The cover is a photograph of Charles Bukowski sitting in a car, taken by Linda Bukowski. Linda let me go through some of her personal photos and this one reminded me of the Minutemen’s Double Nickels record, so I picked it. This issue’s feature is a conversation with Mike Watt and Linda Bukowski about Charles Bukowski which is really good. Interviews with Manic Hispanic, the Lipstick Pickups and Left Alone. A piece on the death of the 673 4th Street punk house. Extra “fun,” Mike Watt spiels from the interview in previous issue. The first “Pedro Heads” installment thought up by El Beardo, and the first head is none other than Craig Flipy. More rehashin’ about the early punk days with Mike Brinson. “Big Week Down at The Channel Street Project” by El Beardo. A reprinted, 1982 Misfits interview from the late We Got Power magazine. Halbadal, aka/Jerry Lonely, reviews all the Misfits overkill merch for sale. A piece on the Minutemen, We Jam Econo film premiere at the Warner Grand Theatre in Pedro. A comic by Aicher, plus lots of reviews and such.

September-December 2005

• 49 Pages

• Offset Printing

Raymond Pettibon’s art graces the cover of this one and there is also a short interview and lots more of his art inside. Tonan talks with the Soviettes about this and that. A miniature piece on No Fraud by Halbadal. An interview with John Geek of the Fleshies. Part one of a Saccharine Trust (Jack Brewer & Joe Baiza) interview by S.A. Griffin. Rehashin’ with Mike Brinson about the old school punk days. A Channel Street skatepark update. A Wicked Wahine (skateboard events for girls) article. El Beardo does a “Pedro Heads” interview with Adam Gaxiola. Pedro Bob kicks down some knowledge about Fort MacArthur. A free stencil pattern of Charles Bukowski’s mug, you know the Elvis designed, “Ladies Man” image we’ve all seen. Another Scott Aicher, “Summer Fun” comic. Coco reviews the “History of San Pedro Punk” exhibit at Angels Gate Cultural Center. A centerfold of a longhaired Robert Russo doing a wall ride at Channel Street. Live reviews, record reviews and the first installment of Bukowski poems thanks to Linda Bukowski.