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May-August 2006

• 52 Pages

• 1,500 Printed

• Offset Printing

The cover includes a drawing by Andy Jenkins and an early photo of Joe Baiza and D. Boon taken by Victor Sedillo. This is the art issue (more or less) and the first installment of "Pedro Art Damage" in which we feature an artist from town. This being the first installment, we decided to feature nine artists all at once. The artists are: Scott Aicher, John Bagge, Todd Congelliere, Craig Ibarra, Andy Jenkins, Jed Mardesich, Elvis Segarich, Aaron White and Todd Williams. This issue also includes an awesome Early History of San Pedro Punk titled "Drove Up From Pedro" written by former Peer Group bassist Lina Sedillo-Litonjua. This piece includes some awesome, never before seen pix taken by Lina's brother Victor Sedillo. An old Descendents Enjoy era interview is published for the first timeage. Pedro Bob gives us some history on Terminal Island – crazy shit. Tito eats at Nam’s Red Door. Channel Street Slashfest '06! A cool centerfold of D. Boon drawn by Brian Walsby. More Pedro Liveage with photos. Two more Charles Bukowski poems and a tonage of reviewage …

September-December 2006

• 56 Pages

• 1,000 Printed

• Offset Printing

The cover photo of Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat) was taken by Brian Tucker. Brian and his wife Nikki created Fer Youz in the early '80s. Fer Youz was an 11 x 17" (free handout) Xeroxed photo collage of the previous weeks punk shows and the people who attended them. Brian is interviewed by Iris Berry and Tony Malone. Also in this issue are interviews with Money Mark, The Chuck Dukowski Sextet and Year Future. A photo spread of The Bronx, which was supposed to include an interview, but some certain someone got a little too drunk. Photo coverage of the Recess Records 100th release party by Shanty Cheryl. A "Pedro Art Damage" feature with artist Jacob Gaxiola. A "Pedro Heads" interview with former Pedro pro skateboarder and actor, Ray Oriel. Pedro Bob gives us a history lesson on the Korean Bell. El Beardo gives us a photo recap of the Channel Street Skatepark titled "4 Years Of Lurking Under The 110." New bands in town include The Underground Railroad To Candyland and The Alphabettes. A "Pedro Gigs" and parties section with photos. Tito eats at the San Pedro Brewing Company with some friends and lives to tell about it. A Steve Chavez memorial page. Cool centerfold with pix of early Black Flag and FEAR by Brian Tucker once again. Charles Bukowski poems, Scott Aicher comic, Vinnie's zine reviews, record reviews. Sound familiar?